Kitchen and Musichouse

1122 Thomasville Rd.
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
ph. 850.391.9553

Who to Contact

General Questions:
Ph. 850.391.9553

Private Event Booking:

Music Booking:

If you are looking to book a show at Fifth & Thomas, please keep the following things in mind before you e-mail us:
1) Please have a date (or a few) in mind. Do not e-mail a press kit and say you’d like to “play sometime”. Honestly, your message will be looked over or deleted. We receive an insanely high volume of e-mails and you must be prepared to snag a spot on the calendar. We typically book one to three months in advance.
2) Please include links to music – an EPK is ideal!
3) If you have a lineup in mind, or acts you know would like to join the bill, please pitch the lineup. This makes our jobs significantly easier, especially if you are an out of town act!
4) We currently have three show slots available on an average week. On Fridays, we hold an early show and a late night show. On Saturdays, we typically have only one late night slot that we look to fill. On rare occasions for large touring national acts only, we may offer to open on a weekday night. Thanks so much! We’ll see you soon!
If you would like to help us help you, please e-mail your flyers/images to, follow us on Instagram at @fifthanthomas, and use the hashtag #fifthandthomas! Thank you!

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